Mable transfer tables to move spreading machines to other tables and feed different cutting lines. It is available in both laminate or poly urethane. Table top made of 25 mm thickness MDF board with edges finished with stainless steel edge cover both side, in order to support the spreading machine and long lasting durability. Steel parts are powder coated add to the elegant look of the whole construction. The Mable transfer table is knock-down system and can thus be quickly and easily install. The height of the table also can adjust (to some extent) and level it using adjusting screws. The Mable transfer table is also ready to support with any brand of the spreader machine (depending on the width of the machine). More safety, thanks to the special lock device that allow for stable and steady between two tables while moving spreading machine.

- Table for placing the spreading machine on.

- Idea to move the spreader from one to another table and go on working. 

- Available in both white laminate or poly urethane surface.

- Stainless steel edge cover both side.

- Can be moved between several tables to feed different cutting lines.

Laminate surface with both stainless steel cover edges

Install with Main Table

Lock device of Main Table

Lock Device

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